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Half of the mushroom farms in Ukraine ceased operations after the Russian invasion

In 2021, Ukraine grew about 70,000 tons of mushrooms. There are about 250 mushroom farms in the country, and up to 100 oyster and other mushroom farms.

The war in Ukraine forced about half of the mushroom farms in Ukraine to stop. Those who are currently working are reaping the remnants of the harvest, and are practically not starting new growing cycles. Several cases of rockets hit mushroom farms and partial destruction are known.

Compost production
Of the seven largest compost yards in Ukraine, two ceased operations altogether and were forced to evacuate staff. Five others stopped producing new batches immediately after the fighting began, and in some cases disposed of what was already in production. Thus, the composting plants, which are still working, have the opportunity to ship compost for another week or two.

Peat for mushroom growing has become a particular problem, as the main deposits of peat, and, accordingly, the production of so-called “casing soil” are in the north of the country, where the situation is very turbulent. Therefore, most of the casing soil production stopped shipping from the first days of hostilities. As of March 15, it is known that some of them have started offering peat, but the situation remains unstable.

Mushroom farms and compost production reported that the cost of delivery of peat, compost and mushrooms increased by 2-3 times. In addition, it is difficult to find transport, and a significant number of regions remain almost inaccessible for delivery there and there.

Mushroom farms
About half of the mushroom farms have completely shut down, in many cases simply by “turning off the lights” and evacuating. Other farms, in areas where the situation was calmer, continued to harvest. Many, or even all, of the farmers are handing over their products to the army or as humanitarian aid to the population.

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