Mushroom harvest in 2021 increased by 5% compared to 2020

In 2021, 5% more mushrooms were produced in Germany than in the previous year. As further reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), more than 81,000 tons of mushrooms were harvested in edible mushroom farms with at least 0.1 hectares of production area.

The total harvest volume of edible mushrooms in Germany amounted to 83,800 tons. With a share of 97%, mushrooms accounted for the vast majority of edible mushroom production. The remainder of the harvest was made up of oyster mushrooms, shiitake and other specialty mushroom crops.

9,100 tons of edible mushrooms (11%) were produced in farms with fully organic production. The share of organically produced edible mushrooms in the special mushroom crops was on average 51% (1,400 tons), which is significantly higher than the share of mushrooms with 9.5% (7,700 tons).

The harvested area for the production of edible mushrooms increased by 6% year-on-year to 379 hectares in 2021. 13% of this harvested area was fully managed organically.

Edible mushrooms are mainly produced in nine states. In 2021, the two most important federal states were again Lower Saxony with a harvested area of 186 hectares and North Rhine-Westphalia with a harvested area of 70 hectares.

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