About the Association

The aim of the Hungarian Mushroom Growers’ Association is to coordinate the agricultural market, and to facilitate the sustainability and realization of effective operation in the frame of the market economy conditions regarding the growers, processers, commercials, trade organizations and individuals of cultivated mushroom.

The activities of the Association:

  • Continuous monitoring of improvements, innovation of mushroom production and trade and information about these of the industry participants.
  • Monitoring of the regulatory order of mushroom cultivation, making comments and suggestions of it sent to the relevant decision-makers and law enforcement agencies.
  • Making recommendations of the quality requirement standards of mushroom cultivation and trade to the competent state bodies.
  • Making comments of the legislations regarding mushroom growing and trade.
  • Increasing and promotion of the consumption of mushrooms, improvement of the eating habits, educational activities and possible participation in exhibitions and shows.
  • Mushroom Cultivation Technology to promote research, collection and aggregation of information.

The association does not have direct political activities, it is independent from political parties and does not provide any financial support to them.