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The Top 21 Food Trends of 2021

Yearly trends in dining and cooking can be difficult to predict, and the food trends in 2021 are no exception. But after a stressful 2020, many people have turned to food more than ever as a means of comfort, wellbeing and community.

The food trends of 2021 point toward an overall goal of better health for our bodies, planet and wallets. From cooking styles to star ingredients, you can expect many of the items on this list to become a permanent part of the culinary landscape even beyond 2021.

Ingredient Food Trends in 2021

Herbs, Roots and Mushrooms
There has always been an attention to vegetables in connection to healthy eating as bodies are in need of high nutrients. But ingredients such as herbs, roots and classic mushrooms will be taking the world by storm as a food trend in 2021.

These earthy ingredients are all packed full of adaptogens and plenty of vitamins to help protect your body. This makes it super easy for everyone to start introducing more of these items into their everyday meals for happy health-conscious diets.

Plant-Based Burgers
Plant-based protein really made a statement last year and, in many cases, dominated the novelty market as the fast food industry took note.

While ultra-convincing plant-based burgers and ground “beef” have the spotlight, you can also easily find plant-based sausages, tenders and even deli slices hitting the shelves in grocery stores all over. This is a food trend in 2021 that is here to stay. If you are new to the hype, definitely sample options at a restaurant or cook up a meal yourself!

Plant Jerky
Burgers aren’t the only thing getting a meatless makeover: Plant-based jerky is a thing, and it’s going to be a definite food trend in 2021.

If you’re going plant-based or just looking to cut back on meat, the good news is that you can still enjoy the salty, umami snap of jerky. Creative alternatives like coconut, mushroom, eggplant and soy-based jerky have started cropping up in the snack aisles of grocery stores all over.

Spreads and Butters
There seems to be a type of spread or butter for absolutely anything, but that won’t stop even the food trends of 2021.

If you have gotten comfortable with almond and cashew butters, now is the time to seek out macadamia nut butter. Too predictable? How about watermelon seed butter? The opportunities for spreads are truly endless!

Cooking Oils
Coconut oil and olive oil may need to make some room in the pantry. An upcoming food trend in 2021 will be experimenting with new oils in cooking, whether for health benefits, flavor benefits or both. Some new ones to try include pumpkin seed oil, sunflower seed oil and avocado oil.

Chickpeas are not just for hummus. The humble garbanzo bean has had a resurgence in popularity lately, making it one of the more surprising but worthy food trends of 2021.

A regular star ingredient in plant-based dishes, as well as Indian, Greek, Moroccan and Middle Eastern cuisine, chickpeas are easy to prepare, widely available and incredibly affordable — not to mention delicious. They’re a palate-pleasing addition in everything from tacos to tagine to tapas, giving a hearty bite and nutty, satisfying flavor.

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