New authorized agents against mold

On the basis of an active substance in viticulture, BASF has developed a plant protection product that is effective in preventing the infection of mushroom infections that are increasingly occurring in mushroom growing and causing high damage. Dactylium has appeared in shiitake cultivation in the past year, so we can say that the solution to the problem was current.

The active substance of the agent is metrafenone and it was licensed in the mushroom cultivation, known as Vivando, already known in the field of viticulture in France, the United Kingdom and then throughout Europe. In March this year, with the same active ingredient in Hungary, it got the authorization under the name HARVINTA®. HARVINTA® prevents the development of spawn of Cladobotryum mycophilum, inhibits the development of appressor, so that the pathogen can not infect the cultivated mushroom.

Suggested application:
Used in combination with Sporgon, to maximize fungicide activity. Sporgon must be sprayed in a conventional manner at first irrigation after storage, at a concentration of 1 g / l / m2 and then harvested at the last irrigation before colding, dissolved 1 ml / m2 in 150 ml of water. Of course, the product can also be used without Sporgon application.

Harvinta is available at Sylvan Hungária Zrt.: Hungary Dunaharaszti, Irinyi János utca 1.,, Phone: +36 24 491 194.

Source: Mushroom forum – Gombaforum

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